Why should I start using electrostimulation?

Why should I start using electrostimulation?

Electrostimulation or EMS is on the rise and its success is constantly growing. The opening of new studios dedicated to EMS testifies to this. You may be wondering if you should not also try it. Electrostimulation is a technique that has already proven itself in medical circles as well as with high-level athletes. Discover the benefits of electrostimulation on your general health.   

For physical recovery   

EMS or Electro-Myostimulation, also known as electrostimulation, is a process that consists of stimulating the muscles through the diffusion of small electrical waves. The technology can be used in the medical field, particularly in physical therapy, to help the patient regain motor skills. EMS is particularly recommended in the following cases: 

  • Ligament or tendon injuries,  
  • Muscle injury,  
  • Muscle atrophy,  
  • Relief of back pain,  
  • Improvement of blood circulation.  

If electrostimulation can be used in the medical field, it has a place of choice in the sports field. 

To prepare athletes 

Physical trainers and sports doctors are very familiar with EMS. Before competition, electrostimulation sessions help the athlete warm up the muscles. During training, the electrodes help to reach deep muscle areas which allows for better stimulation and performance. At the end of the workout, an EMS session makes it easier to recover. 

Electrostimulation is not only reserved for high-level athletes. It is also suitable for amateurs who want to improve their performance or obtain better results. An EMS session lasts about 20 minutes, which corresponds to 4 hours of intense exercise. This performance makes EMS the ideal solution for those who lack the time to exercise.  

Once you arrive at an electrostimulation studio, you will be greeted by professionals who will evaluate your expectations. You will put on an adapted suit before entering the room to perform the appropriate movements. EMS is more effective if you move at the same time, the presence of coaches can guide you at each step.  

To lose weight 

It is obvious that electrostimulation acts on the muscles. The electrodes make it possible to stimulate areas that cannot be reached during a traditional workout. One EMS session is equivalent to 4 hours of exercise and the effects are soon felt, particularly through muscle soreness at the end of the session. More and more people are motivated to use EMS to help them lose weight.  

It is important to note that electrostimulation is not a miracle product. On the one hand, one session is not enough to lose weight. On the other hand, it is necessary to follow an adapted diet and regular physical exercises to obtain results in terms of weight loss.  

If you have not recently undergone surgery, do not have epilepsy problems or do not have a pacemaker, electrostimulation is adapted to your needs in terms of getting back in shape and maintaining your shape. 

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