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Things to do in Weston

Museum of Discovery and Science

Every time you go to the Museum of Discovery and Science, there is something new going on. Take a road trip on the Everglades Airboat Adventure and feel the hurricane-force winds in the Rain Center, dig for fossils next to a giant prehistoric sea monster, explore our great outdoor Science Park, and watch river otters play in their two-story home. There are science demonstrations and lectures by people in the community who know a lot about it. You can find out more about Savannah in the Florida EcoScapes showcase. There are  fun activities  like going to the beach with bats, turtles, and sharks together. Meet an alligator and fall in love with a 6-foot-long snake. 

You can check out the 7D simulator and take a trip to Mars. You can also soar through the sky in an FA-18 cockpit simulator and fly through the air in the simulator. The AutoNation IMAX 3D Theater is home to the biggest screen in South Florida, and it has IMAX with Laser. You can go on a six-story high-definition film adventure .The people of any age can have fun together at the Museum of Discovery and Science, whether they’re two years old or eighty-two years old.

Brian Piccolo Park

Brian Piccolo Park is in the city of Cooper City, and it has nearly 200 acres of land that is full of things to do and things to see. It has been open to the public for a long time. There is a skate park and basketball courts and soccer fields. The park is also known as the cricket capital of south Florida. The first time you see a cricket match would be a great thing to do, even if you’ve never been before. Also, there’s a unique cycling track that is the only one the first in the area

History of  Weston

The 15,000 acres of land that now make up the City of Weston were first bought by Arthur Vining Davis in the 1950s. Davis was the original owner of Weston’s main developer, Arvida, and he bought the land. Planned how the land would be used and how the development would be paid for over the next few years. This same area now recognized as Bonaventure was sold to be established separately.

When the first development plan was done in 1978, its Indian Trace Growth of Regional Impact (DRI) was approved. The development was called Indian Trace at first and this allowed more than 25,000 homes to be built, but later changes cut that number down to 17,000 units. Shortly after that, in 1981, the Indian Detect Community Development District was formed to help pay for and manage the construction, maintenance, and procedure of water and sewer mains, flood control bodies, and main roads. The District was run by a five-person Board of Supervisors that was chosen by the developer.

It changed its name from Indian Trace to Weston. In 1984, the first homes were built in Windmill Ranch and Country Isles. Weston had its first residents.

There were over 5,000 people living in Weston in 1991, and the Indian Trace Community Development District had been around for 10 of them. It was time for residents of Weston to vote for three of the five spots on the Board of Supervisors. People voted for Harry Rosen to be the chair, Kim Ballis to be the vice chair, and Mark Myers to be the treasurer of the group. At the November 1993 election, residents took the last two seats on the Board of Supervisors. Eric Hersh and John Flint were added, giving locals complete power over their own area of the city.


Famous Landmarks in Weston

Las Olas Boulevard

Las Olas Boulevard serves as an east-west thoroughfare connecting SW 1st Avenue to Florida State Highway A1A in Fort Lauderdale Beach. “Las Olas” translates as “The Waves” in Spanish. The road was previously known as State Road 842 and State Road A1A Alternate.

The eastern edge section starts on a barrier island and travels along a causeway flanked by canals on both sides before crossing the eastern shore waterway and entering the residential areas of Seven Isles, Hendricks, and Venice Isles. Southeast 17th Avenue becomes an advertising shopping district known as “Las Olas,” which is characterized by numerous bars, clubs, bridal shops, boutiques, and art galleries along this stretch of road. The road needs to enter the city’s city center after passing through the Henry E. Kinney Tunnel, high-rise buildings line the street’s western end.

Davie’s Young Art Museum

Davie’s Young Art Museum, located on SW 121st Avenue in Davie, was founded more than three decades ago with the belief that art and imagination should be foundational cornerstones of every child’s development. The museum involves dynamic exhibits and staff programs that focus on the performing arts, sculpture, and painting, among other subjects.

Gyms In Weston

Iron Body Fit Gym Weston is located at 98 Indian Trace, Weston, FL 33326.

In just a few weeks, Iron Bodyfit will help you achieve your goals. The benefits of an EMS class include the  exercise, weight loss, cellulite removal, chronic pain relief, and fitness are some of the benefits of a healthy diet and exercise. If you want to make your daily life easier and happier, electrical muscle stimulation technology is here to help. The Iron body fit Weston  has a new, simple, and effective idea for you for body wellness. It has been tried by people all over the world. With the idea, you don’t have to spend so much time on your physical well-being any more. This means that for every 25 minutes of physical activity, there are 4 hours of it.

Things to do in Weston 

History of Weston

Famous landmarks in Weston