Using EMS when you are overweight

A person is considered overweight when his or her BMI or body mass index is greater than or equal to 25. Being overweight, like obesity, is an alarming situation in terms of health because it can increase the risk of disease. It is therefore advisable to reduce your BMI by losing weight. In this respect, electrostimulation can be a solution that allows you to lose those extra pounds.  


Overweight situation 

The BMI is obtained by dividing the weight expressed in kg by the square of the height expressed in m² of the person in question. If the result obtained is greater than or equal to 25, the person is considered overweight. From an index of 30, it is in a situation of obesity. In both cases, it is recommended to do something about it because these people are particularly exposed to diseases such as diabetes or cardiovascular diseases. Overweight is mainly caused by two factors: 

  • A poor diet: consumption of processed, low-nutrient and high-caloric foods  
  • A sedentary lifestyle: little or no physical activity 

The best way to obtain results is to act on these two points. 


Benefits of electrostimulation  

Electrostimulation is a practice that is well known to high-level athletes, but also to physiotherapists. For some time now, it has been of interest to people who wish to take care of their shape as well as those who wish to lose weight. A device is placed on the part of the body to be treated. Thanks to the electrodes of the device, small electrical discharges act on the muscle fiber, which contracts the latter. After a few sessions, the body becomes more toned and weight loss can even be appreciated.  

However, it should be noted that electrostimulation is not a miracle product. One of its main advantages is that it saves time; a 20-minute session is equivalent to a 4-hour workout. It is an interesting alternative for those who do not have much time to exercise. We recommend two to three sessions of electrostimulation per week to obtain good results. 


Optimise your weight loss 

Electrostimulation is a great way to lose weight, but to be effective, you must also exercise. During your sessions at Iron Bodyfit studios, a coach will be available to help you move properly. The program includes squats, abs, push-ups and lunges.   

In addition to the electrostimulation sessions, you can also engage in physical activity. If you are not a fan of sports, walking or swimming, practiced regularly, will be enough to help you eliminate excess weight.  

To complete your weight loss program, you will also have to act on your diet. To do this, start by reducing your consumption of frozen foods in favor of fresh products. Say goodbye to sodas and opt for mineral water, less sugar and more fruit. You can allow yourself a little extra from time to time to avoid frustration, but without overdoing it