The benefits of EMS for mothers

Moms are often referred to as superheroes because they are able to meet the different needs of their family members. If she is present to meet the different expectations of the young and old, she has less time for herself. However, mom is a woman like many others who like to feel beautiful and fit. Given the different challenges of today’s mom, EMS or electrostimulation is a practical ally.  

The postpartum body   

Pregnancy is a small miracle that takes place in a woman’s body. During 9 months, this body will change and will not be quite the same once the baby is born. Women are very apprehensive about the changes their bodies will go through during and after pregnancy. These include: 

  • Weight gain: between 11 and 16 pounds. On average, about 6 pounds are lost after childbirth, but the hardest part is getting rid of the rest. 
  • A soft belly: the uterus has grown to hold the baby. Once the baby is expelled, the uterus gradually returns to its original size but the belly remains soft. 
  • Softening of the perineum: often the cause of bladder weakness and requires re-education.  

In addition, the new mother has less time to take care of herself. Electrostimulation has become a solution that allows mothers to regain their body tone without too much effort. 

Electrostimulation, the miracle solution?   

In just a few years, EMS or electrostimulation has become the star of fitness centers. This technological gem is a device that is placed on certain parts of the body and that sends small electrical impulses to stimulate the muscles. The EMS is first used for high level athletes but also for patients who need physical rehabilitation. Over the years, EMS has become more and more popular and is now available to anyone who wants to tone up their body. The advantages are numerous, and the mother is not left out: 

  • Perineal re-education: a necessary step after giving birth, pelvic floor re-education eliminates problems related to incontinence;  
  • Tightening of the abdomen: the electrical stimulations act on the muscles of the abdomen and help to strengthen them;  
  • Time saving: the woman spends more time with her baby than with herself. A 20-minute electrostimulation session is equivalent to two hours of training. 


Guidelines for moms  

Becoming a mother changes many things not only in a woman’s life but for the whole family. It is advisable for the mother to get her bearings before embarking on any fitness exercises. For a woman who has had a vaginal delivery, she can resume exercises between 6 to 8 weeks after the delivery. For women who have had a caesarean section, it will be necessary to wait at least 3 months. In both cases, it is recommended to ask your doctor’s advice before starting. Iron Bodyfit studios welcome and support each and every person to help them achieve their fitness goals.