The benefits of electrostimulation for seniors

Our body is constantly changing, as we age it is important to take care of it. From the age of 50 onwards, the body faces new upheavals, wrinkles appear, muscles become slack and weight accumulates. Even if we have not yet found the elixir of youth, it is possible to alleviate these age-related problems, particularly through electrostimulation.  


The different changes in the body 

Unfortunately, we cannot keep the same vigor as when we were in our twenties. From our thirties on, our body begins to suffer the ravages of time. If the changes are rather discreet at this age, they accelerate from the fifties. There are many causes for this, the main one being aging, but we can also mention the change in the pace of life, which has an influence on the metabolism in general. Among the modifications undergone by the body in senior citizens, the following can be mentioned: 

  • Weight gain: caused by a sedentary lifestyle and hormonal changes,  
  • Appearance of wrinkles: the skin dries out and becomes thinner 

Although it is impossible to regain your youthful appearance, you can still delay or even reduce the effects of aging on your physique, particularly through electrostimulation. 


The advantages of EMS for seniors  

We can never say it enough: it is important to do regular physical exercises. This does not change with age. Generally speaking, walking regularly already helps to maintain your physique. If you are retired, you can take the opportunity to do some gardening or any other hobby that allows you to maintain physical activity.  

To maintain your muscle mass, electrostimulation is the ideal solution. EMS acts directly on the muscles. The results can be seen from the very first sessions: 

  • Gain in muscle tone,  
  • Reactivation of the metabolism,  
  • Weight loss,  
  • Decrease in joint pain, 
  • Reduction of urinary incontinence,  
  • Gain in flexibility and coordination of movements.  


How to properly start the electrostimulation sessions  

Electrostimulation is perfectly appropriate for seniors who wish to keep in shape and postpone the problems that accompany old age. Iron Bodyfit’s studios are open to seniors who want to start EMS. You will be welcomed by a professional who will evaluate your form and verify that you have no contraindications that prevent you from engaging in electrostimulation. Once your body assessment has been established, we will set your personal goal to allow for a follow-up of your progress. We make it a matter of honor to offer personalized support to our members 

For seniors in particular, adopting the right movements is essential to avoid false movements and joint problems. The exercises are adapted to your profile to allow you to work the muscles in depth and perform the movements of daily life without difficulty.