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This Botanical Garden

This Botanical Garden is 60 acres of tropical heaven. The Botanical Gardens is a place where you can see more than 3,000 types of rare and exotic, tropical, subtropical, and native crops in a big group together. In their Arboretum, there are some of the largest trees in the whole state of Florida. The Flamingo Gardens Everglades Wildlife Sanctuary is home to birds and animals that can’t be released. It also has the largest collection of native Florida wildlife, including alligators, bears, bobcats, eagles, otters, panthers, peacocks, and flamingos.

Parrot Island Scuba Adventures

Parrot Island Scuba Adventures is a family-owned dive shop in Pompano Beach. Whether you’re a nervous beginner or a former Navy Seal and underwater demolition expert, they have a lot of different options for you. The waters off the south Florida coast are some of the best places to dive in the area because they are so clear. There are a lot of wrecks and natural reefs that attract a lot of different kinds of fish.

Parrot Island Scuba Adventures Plantation FL

Lockbox Escape Room Plantation 

Lockbox Escape Room Plantation is the first game in the state of Florida, and the first game in south Florida. You can play it there. We have a lot of different themed rooms that you can play in. You’ll have to find clues, solve puzzles, and get out of the room in less than an hour! For team-building events, birthday parties, or just a night out with your friends, this is a great place to go.


History of Plantation

Frederick Peters and his family moved to South Florida in 1931 to get away from the cold Midwest winter. He bought 10,000 acres of land along State Road 7/441, which was built to connect Miami-Dade and Palm Beach counties. At the time, the land was far from any existing development and was far from State Road 7/441. Russell Pancoast, a well-known architect, was hired by Mr. Peters to come up with a City master plan. It included an ordinance to keep homes next to each other from looking the same, minimum lot size requirements, and separate commercial, industrial, and residential zoning districts. Chauncey Clark built the first house on East Acre Drive. Long acres were one-acre lots with two-thirds of the land used for gardens and fruit trees. The idea was to get people to buy them. The plan was to make a co-op farmer’s market where people could sell their produce together and make money.

Together with the Plantation Athletic League, the Parks and Recreation Department was born in the city of Plantation (PAL). It became more important for cities to have more land to build things like schools and parks as people needed more public services. Also in 1968, a new library building was built. Also, plans were being made for a new City Hall. The City Hall that is still there today was built in 1973.

The City grew quickly from the 1970s to the 1990s, but the small-town feel of Frederick Peters’ 1940s small village stayed the same. As many people moved into the city, land to the west was taken over. Now, the City’s borders were from State Road 7 to Flamingo Rd, about seven miles away (plus the Lago Mar Colony Country Club area west to 136th Ave.) The City’s borders now ran from Sunrise Blvd. to North New River Canal. Central Park and the Deicke Auditorium were added to the park system, making it bigger and better.

Famous Landmarks in Plantation

Jacaranda Golf Club

Jacaranda Golf Club is the best of both worlds for today’s golf fan. It combines the best traditions of the game with the most up-to-date golf course design. Our course has 36 holes of championship golf, and it’s a great place for golfers to get away for a while and play the game they love. The course is immaculately kept and the scenery is beautiful.

Jacaranda Golf Club Plantation FL

Plantation Historical Museum 

Though it started out small and was once crammed into a tiny bedroom in City Hall, the Plantation Historical Museum has grown and changed a lot over the years and is now a popular place for people who want to learn more about the history of the area. Many of the exhibits at the museum focus on the Native American groups in the area.

Gyms In Plantation, FL

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Iron Bodyfit Gym Plantation  

Things to do in Plantation

History of Plantation

Famous Landmarks in Plantation