How Iron Bodyfit is helping me after my accident

How Iron Bodyfit is helping me after my accident 

An accident happens so quickly and anyone can be a victim. Once the emergency room has taken care of you, the next step is the long rehabilitation process. This can last from a few weeks to several months, with no certainty that the body will fully recover at the end of the rehabilitation period. However, a glimmer of hope is emerging for accident victims with electrostimulation or EMS, which is already used widely in the sports world. EMS sessions are provided at the 100 Iron Bodyfit studios. 


What is electrostimulation?   

The electrostimulation “EMS”  is developed in Germany to help athletes in their physical preparation. Over the years, the technology has been used in fitness centers to stimulate fitness, strengthen the metabolism and help lose weight.  

The EMS device is equipped with electrodes placed on different parts of the body. Small electrical discharges are sent to these areas and act directly on the muscles. The muscles work much harder than during a traditional workout.  

The results are felt more quickly, all without side effects, as long as it is applied under the supervision of a professional. Given these results on the muscle, therapists have become interested in EMS to help their patients recover more effectively following an accident. 


EMS as a treatment after an accident 

Electrostimulation is already widely used for athletes who have suffered muscle tears, strains, and pulls. The practice helps them to recover more quickly and to return to the game as soon as possible.  

EMS is also used in the period of physical preparation before a tournament. This leads doctors and therapists to propose EMS in the rehabilitation protocol for :  

  • victims of personal injury,  
  • victims of a stroke or any other disease causing motor disorders,  
  • people who have undergone surgery, in the post-operative recovery phase.  

EMS acts on three main programs, namely: 

  • The recovery of muscle volume,  
  • The recovery of muscular strength,  
  • The analgesic function to relieve pain during rehabilitation.  

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