How does electrostimulation work on my muscles?

How does electrostimulation work on my muscles? 

Electrostimulation is spreading in fitness centers. You hear about it all the time and you’re pretty tempted to try it too. But before you do, you want to make sure you understand the process and know what you’re getting into. You’ve come to the right place, we explain everything about how this new fitness darling works.  

The basic principles of electrostimulation 

As the name suggests, electrostimulation works with… electricity. In its current form, it takes the form of a suit that we put on and to which are connected electrodes that come into contact with our muscles. Small electrical pulses are emitted to reach certain areas of the muscle that would normally be difficult to reach. All this is painless and safe for the body.   

Electrostimulation can be performed in various fields: 

  • Muscular rehabilitation: a patient suffering from a muscle pathology can use EMS (electrostimulation by excito-motor current) or TENS (electrostimulation by analgesic current) technology during the rehabilitation phase;  
  • Muscular relief: after an intensive effort, electrostimulation is prescribed to reduce pain due to contractures;  
  • Muscular preparation: similarly, before embarking on a physical effort, electrostimulation helps the muscle to warm up and perform better;  
  • Intensive training: practical for those who lack time to exercise, in twenty minutes of training with the EMS, one achieves the equivalent of four hours of sport.  

Adopting the right gestures  

Electrostimulation is a practical ally for athletes, but also for those who like to take care of their shape. However, don’t think of it as a miracle product. Electrostimulation only works if its use is combined with effort. This is particularly the case for those who would like to lose weight through electrostimulation. 

To obtain effective results, it is best to go to a professional studio where you will be taken care of by a coach. Electrostimulation works on the muscles, but its effects are more effective when adapted exercises such as cardio are performed at the same time. As with any sport activity, it is recommended to exercise at a regular rate of two sessions per week.  

Some contraindications  

Electrostimulation is an ally in a large number of areas, whether you are an athlete, in a rehabilitation phase, on a diet or even a mother wanting to get back in shape. Once you decide to take control of your life at a fitness studio such as Iron Bodyfit, you will be welcomed by professionals.  

The practice is safe, however, if you feel any redness, do not hesitate to discuss it with your coach. However, EMS is not recommended for the following categories of people: 

  • Pregnant women or those who have just given birth;   
  • People with pacemakers;  
  • People with epilepsy or heart disease;  
  • People who have just undergone surgery.