25 minutes when you are a member or 15 minutes if it is your first session.

Since EMS is an intense workout even though you may not feel it right away after the session, it contracts all the muscles in your body at the same time. In addition, EMS training has a great effect that lasts for 6 days after the session, allowing the muscles to grow and the body to burn more fat.

Yes, once a rest period has been completed, you can combine EMS with any other workout.

No, we provide you with everything you need for your session.

With an EMS session, 90% of your muscles are involved. The pulses reach the deepest muscle fibers that cannot be easily reached with traditional workouts. A 25-minute EMS session is equivalent to 4 hours of physical training, and its effect is 18 times greater than conventional workouts.

Yes, indeed you can. After pregnancy, your muscle volume and strength decrease and connective tissue is often overloaded. When it comes to gently rebuilding a specific muscle or muscle groups, EMS training can effectively target and engage the deepest parts of the muscles. As a result, EMS can also tighten sagging skin and eliminate stretch marks that typically appear after pregnancy. However, it is imperative that you consult your doctor before starting EMS.

Actually, no one needs any special requirements. EMS is suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels. Nevertheless, you will have to fill out an Iron Diag to make sure that there are no special conditions that could prevent you from starting your first session.

No, never! It is impossible to receive an electric shock during the training because the German made devices send a low frequency current using a battery. The intensity of the pulses generated is a maximum of 0.05 watts RMS. Therefore, there is no need to worry about this.

No. In fact, the light pulses pass gently through your skin targeting the deep layer of muscles, and there is no way to reach the organs of your body. Therefore, EMS never harms your heart or any smooth muscle.



At IB you will always be supported by an IRON COACH who will be there to guide you from A to Z. From welcoming you, to equipping you, to coaching you during your session, your IRON will always be close by to provide you with an awesome customer experience.

Yes, our movements are very simple and adapted to all, without any weights or utensils in a way to avoid any joint trauma.

Yes, all of our Iron Coach follow an intense training certified by Miha bodytec to become a real EMS technician. Only those who have completed the training and passed the final exam receive their certification which allows them to become an Iron Coach.

IB is now considered as a synonym for global wellness, both physically and psychologically, IB puts the customer at the very core of its business. Our IB DNA means that we want to help our clients become the best version of themselves. We are dedicated to EMS and customer care to provide you with an amazing customer experience.



Simply click HERE to find all of our studios.

Of course, once you are an IB member, you are an IRON and therefore have access to all IB studios in the WORLD!



Yes, we can help you and have tools at your disposal to find the best possible location for your business.

This varies from one country to another and from one region to another. The average return on investment is 200%.

Yes we have the IRON SECRET that will be revealed to you once you are a franchisee, we have set up a unique training and support process that will make you successful if you respect all the steps correctly. Our role and our mission is to accompany and train you in all the fields of competence necessary to succeed: company creation, financing research, search for premises, hiring assistance, management tools, initial and continuous training, marketing .... You will be accompanied by a specialist on a daily basis, whether at the start of the adventure, during your launch or after your opening. You will never be alone.

You invest in the well-being of others but also for yourself. Nothing is more gratifying than doing a valuable job that brings physical and psychological well-being to your clients. Today everyone has this desire to feel good in their body and in their head, this is our vocation: So simple, So happy

The average time is between 3 and 6 months depending on the city and various administrative parameters.