Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS Training) Featured on Jimmy Kimmel Live!


Spring is almost here, and Summer is just around the corner. And that’s when Guillermo and I get serious about our bodies. Right? Guillermo. Always Jimmy, always here will and I are always looking for ways to pump each other up. So one of the Riders here in our show, a guy named, Louis told us about work out. He did that. Supposedly sculpts your physique by pumping electricity through your body told me Ms. Which stands for electrical muscle, stimulation, Tom Holland, supposedly.


It finished preparing the base, play Spider-Man and anything. That’s good enough. For Spider-Man is good enough for me and good enough for you gamble. So we tried it. Alright, so here we are at the electrocution Center. This is Louis. Louis is a writer on her show. And you, what did you what was it? You said about this, then got me interested in trick me into agreeing to do it. Well, it’s a workout session but it’s only 20 minutes. So that’s the best part of it. But also you’re being zapped with electricity throughout the entire session. It’s incredibly exhausting. It’s like four hours of exercise in 20 minutes is what they say. And you leave. So sore. You will lose weight in 20 minutes.


But you’ll be shaped in 20 minutes. It’s a very sculpting oriented exercise. Well, this shape is perfect right now. So it’s funny because, whenever I’m not looking forward to something and I would put this into that category and then gear moves, looking, even less forward to it. It makes me then look forward to it, right? Yes. All right. So let’s Bring in rowdy rowdy. Come on in here. Hi, Ronnie. You’re the guy here, right? Yeah. What is this called? It’s called EMS. Is 10 for electrochemical stimulation to invent this. Oh, no, I’m a trainer. I’m the MS. Trainer. Okay. I’m worried about a little bit as anybody died on this thing. Not yet. No. Yeah, make us look like and this is really the goal Laird Hamilton and Gabrielle Reece that’s going to work. All right, how do we

On your vest squirt, my best with water. Yeah, that’s electrode. So the one of them’s on your outfit probably won’t make the lightning bolt shoot out of my penis. So we take this position here. And slowly down. This is an unexpected twist.

Let me fix that right now on 70. Let’s go up higher. Let’s see what happens. It felt like somebody just grabbed me from behind. To enter. This is too dangerous to make it high.

Charger. Now the electric pinata. Let’s see how much we can take. Like, really. Nobody can bring the machine at the maximum. No one has ever done it at the maximum. It’s must be pretty hot. All right? Okay. Let’s try to ready. It’s real.

Six-pack, will you tell him he’s gonna have a six-pack to me. She’s gonna go home and drink half a dozen and now we’re going to do a relaxation if you want. You can electrocute us a little more. Yeah. For relaxation. Softly softly. We’re going to be softly. I’m going to have you get when you good. You’re going to start feeling your lower back. Oh, yeah, right. And I gonna feel your glutes. Have you ever hook this thing up, while you make love, and you give me a good idea. I imagine that I am in Cabo right now. Some of here.

Yeah, it’s just like this can be a good present to somebody, couples training right? Here you go, honey. Yeah, happy Valentine’s Day when you’re going to be electrocuted.