The Town Of Edgewater (Miami, FL)

Things to do in  EdgeWater Miami

Wynwood’s Art Walk

If you want to tap into your creative and artistic side, head to Wynwood’s Art Walk. Wynwood is an area densely packed with galleries dedicated to street art/graffiti art. Every second Saturday of the month, an event called “Art Walk” takes place, featuring a line-up of food trucks, live music, and public showings of all of the area’s art galleries!

wynwood artwalk @ wynwood walls

Midtown Shops

Midtown Shops is an excellent location for shopping and dining. Target serves as the anchor store for the Midtown shopping district. It’s extremely convenient for daily shopping. In the Design District, there are a lot of high-end fashion designers and small furniture stores that sell unique things. People who design clothes like Hermes, Louis Vuitton and Prada live in the Design District. It also has some good cafes in it. Edgewater is to the north of the Design District, which is right next to each other.

midtown shops near edgewater miami

Lock & Load Miami

Lock & Load Miami is the best place in South Florida to see and shoot machine guns. It also has the best equipment for shooting. Lock & Load is in Miami’s Wynwood neighborhood and has the widest selection of fully automatic machine guns that can be used in a variety of themed packages. People from all over the world can experience the thrill of fully automatic guns in a secure environment under the immediate supervision of trained professionals.

Choose from more than 25 fully automatic guns, including a number of rare machine guns that are only found at Lock & Load! Lock & Load’s 14,000 square-foot facility is close to Midtown Miami and just a quick trip from Miami Beach. It has 24 air-conditioned lanes for walk-ins, VIP guests, and members, as well as spaces for group events like corporate meetings, birthdays, and bachelor parties. They work with each guest one-on-one to make sure that even the most inexperienced shooters know how to use the guns in a safe way, no matter what their skill level is.

For people who want to feel the adrenaline rush of fully automatic guns in a safe and controlled way, this is the place for them. Lock & Load also has annual memberships that give members access to special amenities, workshops, 13 member-only lanes, reactive steel targets, and more.

History of  EdgeWater Miami

Edgewater is a long, narrow neighborhood in Miami that juts out into Biscayne Bay. Because it is one of the city’s oldest neighborhoods, the growth of Wynwood has paralleled that of the rest of the city. On one side of Biscayne Bay and on the other side of the Florida East Coast Railway, Edgewater’s early 20th-century subdivisions contained a mix of fine single-family homes and smaller apartment buildings. Having only a few streets in each subdivision, the grid street plan has a lot of irregularity, with streets starting here and ending there.

As a result of the 1926 hurricane, the Shoreland Company went bankrupt and was replaced by the Biscayne Boulevard Company, which was created out of what was left over from the Shoreland Company. Until the present day, the expansive four-lane boulevard has been Edgewater’s most recognizable feature, second only to the bay itself.

Edgewater is mostly a residential area with a lot of old homes from the early 20th century. Biscayne Bay is to the east, and there are many high-rise buildings there. There are also a lot of old homes in the neighborhood. For many people, the area has become more popular since 2000 because it is close to downtown and other popular neighborhoods, like the Design District. Recent changes in the neighborhood have led to a lot of high-rise and mid-rise residential homes being built, as well as more shops and restaurants.


Famous Landmarks in EdgeWater Miami


Adrienne Arsht Center and Books & Books

Adrienne Arsht Center and Books & Books are two places where you can learn about books and read books. At times, the Omni District or the Arts and Entertainment District is called the Omni District or the Omni District. Miami’s main performing arts center is on the edge of Edgewater and Downtown Miami. With a music hall, a concert hall, and a black box movie theatre, the Arsht is always making the neighborhood fun and interesting. An outpost of a South Florida bookstore chain is found in the Arsht Center, as well. This chain of stores, Books and Books, is a big part of South Florida’s literary scene. Designed by world-renowned architect Cesar Pelli in 2004, the Arsht Center surrounds an art deco tower known as the Sears Tower, which was the centerpiece of a Sears department store built on the site in 1929. The Sears Tower is now a museum.

adrienne arsth center near edgewater

The historic Miami Women’s Club

The historic Miami Women’s Club building is located directly to the south and is expected to be renovated in the next few years. Condominium towers line North Bayshore Drive, framing the park and contributing to its status as one of Miami’s most romantic spots. 

The Miami Garden Club

The Miami Garden Club, not the Miami Women’s Club, was founded by environmentalist Margaret Pace in the late 1960s, and the park is named after her. Renovations totaling $4 million were completed in 2003.

Gyms in Edgewater Miami

Iron BodyFit Gym EdgeWater Miami is located at 222 NE 25th St Ste 104, Miami, FL 33137 

Fitness technology is the focus at Iron Bodyfit Edgewater, a concept gym in Baltimore’s suburbs. With the help of our electrostimulation-equipped bodysuit and our on-site personal trainers, you’ll get a workout that’s both safe and highly effective. The gym location has  a 25-minute workout as the equivalent of four hours of physical activity. Iron Bodyfit Miami Edgewater is offering a free trial session.