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Things to do in Boca Raton

Mizner Park

Mizner Park is the shopping, dining, and entertainment center of downtown Boca. Make your way through the plaza and see some fine art, or go to the Mizner Park Amphitheater to see a live show. Mizner Park’s shopping is the heartbeat of the neighborhood. It has a wide range of high-end stores, restaurants, and jewelers, as well as 16 of the best places to eat for every taste. If you want the best movie-watching experience, go to iPic Theatres, which is a high-end movie theater with delicious in-theater food and reserved luxury seats.

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Red Reef Park

Red Reef Park is a sheltered, densely forested area that is popular with a variety of different birds. Bring your camera and try to capture images of the park’s larger and more remarkable birds on the park’s ocean side. Snorkeling and surf fishing are popular recreational activities at the park’s southern end.

Sugar Sand Park

Whether you’re looking for anything to inspire you, activate your imagination, stimulate your thoughts, or challenge your body, Sugar Sand Park has a variety of thrilling life experiences waiting for you. Visit the Children’s Science Explorium to learn about the fantastic world of science, ride the carousel, see a show up close and personal at the Willow Theatre, or enjoy the science playground. You can even walk through the woods on one of Sugar Sand Park’s two nature trails, Sand Pine or Slash Pine.

History of Boca Raton

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The name Boca Raton has always piqued people’s interest. The name “Rat’s Mouth” is commonly misunderstood. It’s common in Spanish to use the word “boca” (mouth) to describe an opening, while “raton” (mice) is a more literal translation. Originally, Boca de Ratones referred to a mountainous or jagged inlet, but according to maps from the eighteenth century, the inlet’s original location was Biscayne Bay near present-day Miami Beach. The concept was wrongly applied to the present-day Lake Boca Raton, whose connector was closed for most of the early 1800s. By the 1920s, the “s” and then the “e” had been dropped from the title, but the correct pronunciation is still Rah-ton.


People from the Glades Culture were the first people to live in the Boca Raton area, and they lived near the ocean for at least 1,000 years until the 1800s. Florida East Coast Canal and the Florida East Coast Railway were built in the late 1800s, which made the region more accessible to a group of people who were resourceful. People who lived in Boca Raton in the early 1900s were mostly farmers who worked with pineapples. At least some of these people were Japanese, led by Joseph Sakai and living on what is now Yamato Road in 1904. They built a community there in 1904.

The Town of Boca Raton was formed in May of 1925, at the height of the Florida land boom, when the town was formed. Addison Mizner, a well-known society architect, was hired by the town council to plan a world-class resort community. It was built in 1926 and has been a city landmark ever since. It was called the Cloister Inn and is now known as The Boca Raton. Because the land boom died in 1926, many of Mizner’s plans for the growth culture were canceled. But a few of them still stand today, and his architectural style still has an impact on how the city looks today.

Famous Landmarks in Boca Raton

Schmidt Boca Raton History Museum

The Schmidt Boca Raton History Museum, which is housed in the city’s historic town hall. Exhibits at the museum are designed to be both interactive and immersive. Historic tours, lectures, and community-oriented fundraisers are also offered by the Historical Society. The Boca Bacchanal, Boca Raton’s prestigious food and wine festival, is particularly notable. 

Boca Raton Museum of Art

The Boca Raton Museum of Art, widely regarded as one of the state’s premier artistic and cultural attractions, houses a diverse collection of permanent and temporary exhibits in a variety of media created by artists from all over the world over many centuries. A variety of educational and instructional programs and workshops are available at the museum, and many visitors choose to take advantage of their guided tours, which are a great value and provide an insight into the works that would otherwise be missed if you were to see them on your own.

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Wick Theatre and Costume Museum

The Wick Theatre and Costume Museum, which is consisted of costumes and related memorabilia from dozens of on-Broadway productions, is a truly unique venue that is well worth an hour of your time, especially if you are interested in theatre in general. One estimate places the value of the museum’s pieces at close to eighteen million dollars, and the easiest way to see them is on a guided tour. The quaint and historic theatre continues to host live performances, and their onsite restaurant, The Tavern Room, is well-known for its delectable fare and elegant surroundings.

Gyms In Boca Raton

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Things to do in Boca Raton

History of Boca Raton

Famous landmarks in Boca Raton