The City Of Aventura (Miami, FL)

Where is Aventura?

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Iron BodyFit Gym Aventura is located at 2451 NE 186th St Ste 1, Miami, FL 33180. That is actually located in the village of Aventura which consists of 3 zip codes. (33009, 33160, 33180).

Aventura, a planned community in Miami-Dade County, Florida, is 17 miles north of the city center. In addition, it is a major city unto itself. One of the most prominent landmarks in Aventura is the Aventura Mall, a shopping district that is the fifth largest in the United States by retail property. Aventura was coined by the area’s original developers, Eddie Lewis and Don Soffer, when they said, “What a journey this is going to be.”

Things to do in Aventura

You won’t have to look for things to do in Aventura because there are so many things to do. It’s a good idea to look for museums and boutiques in the downtown area. or the next great meal. What makes you want to smile? A five-course meal at the restaurant you’ve heard so much about that you want to go there? Or maybe you’d rather read the article while having a cup of hot coffee at one of the many cafes in town. Take in a show at the theater, or just walk down the main street and watch people go by.

Aventura Mall’s ideal fusion of culture, style, and taste can be enjoyed by visitors of all ages. The Aventura Slide Tower, the Gorillas in the Mist fountain, the Koi Pond, Rainbow Valley Playground, rooftop games, and the Aventura Farmers Market are just a few of the activities that await you and your family and friends at the Aventura Park, which includes a dog park, a children’s play area, and a dog park. Experiential opportunities abound for the adventurous traveler.

Don Soffer Exercise Trail

The 3.1 mile paved ADA accessible trail around the Turnberry Isle Resort Golf Course along Country Club Drive is a popular location to walk, run or bike in its own little oasis from city life with plenty of trees and landscaping that offer shade while you exercise! There’s also crosswalks for safety as well as trash receptacles provided if needed. The 10 foot wide path can be used by all sorts who want an outdoor workout including runners rollerbladers & joggers so come take advantage today

Founders Park

This beautiful park is a celebration of all that has made Aventura great. The 12 acres north and south were divided by Lehman Causeway, but now you can find both regions together in one place! There’s plenty for everyone–from ball fields to picnic areas with grilling stations so your family stays fed while they play on our many playgrounds or enjoy some time outdoors under the trees near their favorite bench overlooking scenic Biscayne Bay


The Cannas Tennis Center is located at the Turnberry Yacht Club in Aventura, FL. They have locations all over South Florida and give lessons to both adults and juniors. This is a great place to get some good physical exercise in and sport.


At Tidal Cove, a daring adventure awaits you. You can conquer the raft ride and freefall loop to get your adrenaline pumping! The kids will love exploring in their own fitted cabanas. This all while Mom and Dad enjoy some food or take advantage of the VIP experience.  It’s all possible at this premier waterpark near Aventura. With over 25 options available including breezy picnic areas perfect spots overlooking beautiful pools. Tidal Cove is filled with fun activities just waiting around every corner.

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The Aventura Circle Learn about this 4.99 km, circular trail near Miami, in the United States. If you take the easy way, it usually takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes to finish. Road biking, trail running, and walking are all good ways to enjoy this trail. It’s not very likely that you’ll see many other people while you’re out and about on it. All year long, you can go on the trail. It’s beautiful at any time. A lot of places allow dogs to be off-leash.

History of Aventura

The name “Aventura” comes from the Spanish word for “adventure,” and it was given to the city after the developers of the first group of condominiums in the area, Eddie Lewis and Don Soffer, expressed their excitement about the prospect of “what an adventure this is going to be. “According to the 2010 United States Census Bureau estimates, the city had a population of 35,762.

Aventura, formerly known as Turnberry, began growing in the early 1970s and officially became a city in 1995. In 1997, the city of Aventura established its own police force. Gary Hart’s 1988 presidential campaign was scuttled after he and Donna Rice had a tumultuous encounter on the yacht Monkey Business docked in Aventura’s Turnberry Isle resort.

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When former US President Bill Clinton spoke at the Aventura-Turnberry Jewish Center in early 2001, it was one of his first public appearances since leaving the White House.

As far back as almost 50 years ago, this wonderful city was just 785 acres of swamp and marshland experiencing the Intracoastal Waterway. At the time, this area was mostly underwater and not used at all. It all started with a sketch on a cocktail napkin. Don Soffer, who runs Turnberry Associates, started building Aventura. He worked with George Berlin, better known as Gentleman George, to start a business together. George became the spokesman for the business. People loved and respected George because he kept his word. As part of its portfolio, Turnberry Associates has worked on projects like the Aventura Mall and has built more than $10 billion worth of commercial and residential property.

Famous Landmarks in Aventura

As the perfect location to shop in Miami, Aventura Mall is known for its amazing experiences, renowned deluxe boutiques and shoppers, a world-class art collection, world-class restaurants, a popular food market, and stunning architecture. Aventura Mall, a well-known landmark, is always changing, giving people who love culture, fashion, and food new things to see and do.

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Aventura Arts and Cultural Center There are a variety of performances held at the center throughout the year. These include classical and contemporary music performances as well as multimedia presentations. There are also dance recitals and dramatic plays, to name a few examples.

Founders Park is a public park in the city of New York. Founders Park, located on NE 190th Street in Aventura, is a public park that is open to both residents and visitors. There are numerous amenities and activity options available, making it a popular destination for nature lovers, hikers, bikers, sports enthusiasts, and other visitors. In the southern portion of the park, which is adjacent to the Intracoastal Waterway, there are some spectacular views, particularly during the low light hours of the morning and afternoon.


Real estate in Aventura

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Gyms In Aventura

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